Ian Byrne speaking at a CEN webinar

IBECCS’s principal, Ian Byrne recently spoke at a webinar organised by CEN/CENELEC, the European bodies responsible for standardization, attended by over 200 participants. The seminar was called  ‘Standardizing Carbon Neutrality – a milestone on the way to net zero‘. He explained what is – or at least should be – meant by carbon neutrality and how international standards, including the forthcoming ISO 14068 may help organisations manage neutrality in a robust and transparent manner.

The webinar’s web page can be found on the CEN webinar page including a link to a Q&A session. There is also a freely accessible YouTube recording of the webinar, which ran for just over 50 minutes,

Ian can help companies, charities and public sector bodies develop an implement carbon neutrality strategies, based around the quantification of their carbon footprint, implementation of real emissions reductions and, where necessary, offsetting of unabated emissions. carbon neutrality can be applied at the organisational level, or for individual products or services.