Transition Zero project successfully completed

The EU Horizon 2020 project “Transition Zero” has been successfully completed. The project was designed to test the suitability of UK and French markets for the innovative Dutch Energiesprong concept, where homes receive a deep retrofit, including the addition of wrapover external insulation, photovoltaic roof panels, and upgraded heating services. Among the publicly accessible deliverables are reports into the financial, technical and legal barriers that need to be addressed before the concept can be more widely used outside the Netherlands. However they also show a successful pilot with Nottingham City Homes in the UK.

Ian Byrne, IBECCS’ principal, was actively involved in the establishment of the project, which was led by the National Energy Foundation. He remains involved with Energiesprong in the UK as its company secretary. The results of the Transition Zero project, including downloadable documents can be found at